Product Code NIU8002

LNER A1 Westinghouse Conversion for Hornby A1 model

When the A1's were first introduced in 1928, the 15 North British locomotives were dual fitted with Westinghouse brakes. The Westinghouse air compressor was mounted on the right hand side of the boiler between the rear two driving wheels.

The Conversion includes fitting of Westinghouse pump and associated pipework to your locomotive, along with renaming and renumbering of locomotive with etched nameplates, gold over red/black numbers and lettering.

Option in Gloss, satin or matt finish

You supply the model, we do the rest.

The conversion can be applied to any Hornby A1 model - but for accuracy a GNR tendered model is suggested.

Other detailing options - weathering, loco crew head code lamps, route headboard, real coal - can be added to this service.

Scale: 4mm/00- 1:76

Locomotives fitted with this were:-