Product Code NIU8001

LNER 2007 - Prince of Wales Stage 2 Conversion

2007 'Price of Wales' is currently under construction by the P2 Locomotive Company. When completed it will be the 7th locomotive of the class and the most powerful mainline steam locomotive in the UK.

The Stage 2 conversion renames and renumbers the Hornby 'Cock 'o the North' model to 'Prince of Wales' and convers the tender to the correct 6200 gallon tender that will be fitted to the locomotive. This conversion can be applied to either Hornby Railroad or TSS 'Cock o the North' models.

The price includes conversion of the tender the larger 6,200 gallon water capacity roll fronted tender and fitting GPS and ATP equipment, as well as etched nameplates, and gold over red/black cab side numbers and tender side letters.

Options available of gloss, satin or matt finish to your locomotive.

You supply the model, we do the rest.

A £10 donation per model will be made to the P2 Steam Locomotive Company to support the build of 'Prince of Wales'

Other detailing options - weathering, loco crew head code lamps, route headboard, real coal - can be added to this service.

Scale: 4mm/00- 1:76