Product Code NIU2010

LNER ACFI Water Feed Heater Conversion kit for Hornby A1/A3 model

The Niu Models kit has been designed in 3D CAD from the original LNER engineering drawings and is made to fit the current Hornby Loco drive A1 and A3 models with minimal modifications required to the model. The kit can be made to fit the previous Hornby tender drive and Tri-ang Loco drive models with slightly more extensive modification required to both loco and ACFI parts.

The Conversion kit includes ACFI pump, support bracket, boiler feed cleat, zenith separator and smokebox mixing chamber, and is be supplied with either ‘The White Knight’ or ‘Shotover’ Etch brass nameplates..

It requires 1mm, 0.8mm & 0.5mm brass rod to complete the conversion and is aimed at the intermediate skilled modeller.

Scale: 4mm/00- 1:76

NIU2010 options are as below:-