Welcome to Niu Models.

Niu Models specialize in customizing and detailing locomotives and rolling stock for the model railway enthusiast.

We offer a range of services include renaming, renumbering, weathering, personalization, custom finishes and bespoke conversions of RTR models. We pride ourselves on the consistent professional finish achieved on every model to turn it into something unique for you.

All our prices include all works & materials. You just provide us with the loco.

For 2019, we aim to grow the business beyond our core works into the area of high quality limited edition RTR OO Gauge loco models. Currently we have 4 LNER loco models in the planning stage, with the first already in CAD development. We expect to announce the first around mid-2019.

If you have a model you’d like to discuss with us, you via our contact us page.

News and new products

Silver Tay Models

Silver TayModels etched brass nameplate, head boards and details.

An extensive range of names for A1’s, A3’s A4’s, Britannia’s Duchess’s and may others. The full range in available in our Etched Nameplates & Details page

P2 2007 ‘Prince of Wales’ conversions.

Two conversion options are available
Stage1 -Renumber/rename of the Hornby model,
Stage 2 - Renumber/rename and conversion, including the correct 5600 gallon tender.

All sales will include a 10% donation to the P2 Locomotive fund. Full details are available in our Weathering& Conversions page.

LNER ‘The White Knight’ & ‘Shotover’ ACFI Pump conversion.

Kit Now Available

ACFI water feed pump conversions for the Hornby A1 & A3 models to convert them into ‘The White Knight’ & ‘Shotover’.

Full details are available in our Weathering& Conversions page.